• How do I wash my vehicle?

    Hand wash or automatic car wash?
    People often say that it is better to wash your car by hand instead of using the car wash for the paint. This is correct. Because you keep control of the car while hand washing it. You have control over the items you use, how you maintain them and how you protect the paint. Because a car wash should be able to clean all cars. The mile-eating lease car, the recently imported off-road car and the car you actually drive sparingly. Of course, that doesn't always fit together.

  • How frequently should I wash my car exterior?

    Did you know that we spend an average of 31 minutes in the car every day? And according to research by CBS, we drive an average of 13,000 km per year. We wash our car on average only once every 6 weeks (8.4 times per year). However, is that enough? Indeed not. The BOVAG trade association recommends washing the car every week if it is used daily. If nothing else, a quick wash. Their recommendation is also to thoroughly wash your car once a month, thoroughly removing all grease, tar, insects and other stubborn dirt. Don't drive your car every day? Then keep a wash between 500 and 1,000 kilometers.