Our Story

Meet the Shiny Bandits

How a childhood dream of two best friends became a warehouse full of Shiny products.

Tom, single dad of two daughters, has been a car enthusiast since childhood. 😉 Where it started with drawing cars in adobe and making endless lists of what could be tuned, he later bought his own beautiful BMWs, and he had a few! From E46 to G21's, every year a new project car needed to be on the dirveway.

With Shiny Bandits his two passions come together, taking good care of the beautiful cars and entrepreneurship. Every order is therefore received with love.

Roy is also a true car enthusiast, enjoying his GTI's back in the day moving forward to 6 cilinder BMW's. Of course he owns is a miniature BMW at home for his little son. Talk about excellent nurturing😉

Together over the years they collected a lot of car wash products to wash their shiny cars until the whole garage was full of products that did not meet their requirements, expectations and so on. This, of course, could be done much better! And so Shiny Bandits was born, the place for the best products to get your car perfectly clean in every detail.

They now have a warehouse in Axel and in Hulst, both of which can be visited to see products or at one of the external points of sale. Here every product is packed with care.

Do you want to become part of the Shiny Bandits community? We are looking for brand ambassadors! Join now and Shine with your car.