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Super Absorbant Drying Towel

Super Absorbant Drying Towel

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We know what a pain it is to rinse off all the water pearls from your clean car. It used to take ages to ensure that showroom finish.

Ultra Absorbent Long Pile Twisted Microfiber Weave
✅Extremely Big : 36" x 24" (3 Ft x 2 Ft)
Double-Sided Design With Interior Stitching (avoids scratches)
Streak-Free & Extremely Fast Drying
✅Holds up to a gallon of water

The Dryint Towel can be used on all types of cars.


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Super Absorbant Drying Towel

Regular price €24,50
Regular price €27,50 Sale price €24,50

Most frequently asked Questions

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Elements and style

Constructed from Twisted Microfiber Weave with a Large Pile for Maximum Absorption


  • 36" x 24" (3 Ft x 2 Ft)
  • 1400 GSM (Grams per Square Meter)
  • Mixture of 75/25 polyester and polyamide
  • Double-Sided Design for maximum Surface Area And Absorbance

When should i wash it?

How Do I Wash the drying towel ?

1. Wash only clean towels in cold water and mild detergent without any additional ingredients (This will prevent cross-contaminating such as break dust and wax).

2. To protect the microfiber, always air dry your towel.

When Should I Wash It?

We advise cleaning your towel every one to two uses. By doing so, the possibility of scratching the car is limited and any dirt that may have been taken up on the fibers are removed.

We do not advise using spray wax for drying or fabric softener for washing because these methods will clog the towel and reduce its absorbency.

What can i use it for?

You can use the towel on all surfaces, including your paint, windows and plastic trims.

It can be used on cars, scooters, motorcycles and boats.