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Super Snow Foam

Super Snow Foam

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Removes and breaks down dirt particles without touching the paint surface.
Pre-washing before the contact wash will reduce microscratches.

✅Can be applied to wrapped, waxed, and coated cars
✅Reduce microscratches by pre washing.
✅Super simple to apply.

Any car cleaning procedure should include a Super Snow Foam Pre Wash since it helps avoid microscopic scratches. You run the danger of leaving microscratches on your car's paint if you wash it by hand while there are still minute dirt particles on it. You may get rid of these flecks and save the finish of your car by pre-washing with Super Snow Foam Pre Wash before proceeding to the contact wash.

How to use:
1. Fill up your foam cannon with 150ml/200ml of Super Snow Foam Pre Wash and add warm water till the top
2. Foam your entire car by attaching a foam cannon to a pressure washer.
3. Let the formula work in for a couple of minutes, then rinse off with a high pressure washer using clean water.

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Super Snow Foam

Regular price €16,95
Regular price €0,00 Sale price €16,95

Most frequently asked Questions

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Why use Super Snow Foam?

Our super snow foam will prevent micro scratches. By pre-washing with this foam before touching the car, it will remove any dirt and grime from the surface, so less microscratches.

Can i use in coated or matt cars?

Due to the PH neutral nature of our special recipe, it can be used safely on all types of paint, including wrapped cars. Super Snow Foam is a fantastic initial step in the washing process since it helps to break down and remove dirt and grime from your car's paintwork without requiring contact with the surface with a wash mitt. Additionally, our solution won't cause any damage to coated protection, guaranteeing that your car is always protected and keeps its best appearance.