What is Snow Foam?

Snow foam has been very popular when it comes to doing your own car detailing. In recent years, the product has gained a lot of momentum and is rising in popularity.
Due of the stunning images detailers provide online, it has attracted a lot of interest.
They demonstrate their most recent work using snow foam before and after photos to demonstrate how pleasurable it is to use.

1. So what is Snow Foam
2. Why do I need to pre wash using snow foam
3. What is the process and how to use snow foam?
4. How do I make the snow foam thicker?

So What is Snow Foam?
Snow foam is a pre-wash which helps in cleaning your car's paintwork of dirt and grime. Simply use Snow Foam to soften all the dirt so that a more thorough wash may be performed. It serves as sort of a foundational component when detailing your car to ensure no damage is done.

Not Pre-washing your car before starting a detail or weekly carwash, is one of the worst blunders you can do. As was already indicated, the product will leave a thin film of snow-like material on your car.

Why do I need to pre wash using snow foam
Pre-washing your car with snow foam will successfully soften any filth, grime, and potentially harmful elements like insect or bird droppings. It's an important step that many people overlook, which puts you at risk of scratching your paintwork the moment you touch it.

Additionally, it will aid in preventing water stains and swirl marks while the contact wash is being done.

What is the process and how to use snow foam?
You need a lance or snowfoam cannon with a pressure washer adaptor in order to use Snow Foam properly. The ratio varies on the size of your tank and the items you're using; there isn't really a "magic formula" for it.
Taking this in consideration, you can modify the thickness of the snow foam to meet your needs by simply modifying the water-to-snow-foam ratio or the lance's dial. 

You can see what snow foam looks like after it has been applied. However, the recipe calls for you to first add snow foam liquid to your bottle before finishing the cannon with fresh warm water.

Be careful to keep your distance, which is typically 1 meter, when you're in motion. If your vehicle is small enough, you should be able to cover an entire side in one pass if you follow common sense's advice to start from the bottom up. The lowest portions frequently have the most filth and are generally the dirtiest.

Although you can cover a large surface area at once, pay attention to the gaps in the panels and anywhere dirt can get caught. I'm sure you don't need us to remind you, but make sure you remove the snow foam in the same manner as you applied it. Begin at the top of the car and work your way to the bottom, else you could spray the dirt back to the top of the car.
You might not get it right away, but with a little experimentation and effort, you'll soon find the perfect process.

After you've covered your car in Snow Foam, let it rest for around 5 to 10 minutes, but don't leave it in full sunlight! After you allowed the foam to stand, switch back to your regular nozzle and rinse it off. The wash should remove most of the dirt and grime.
But, as previously stated, this is merely a pre-wash, and a proper contactwash should be performed thereafter - and no, we don't mean a bucket and sponge!

How do I make the snow foam thicker?
If you use the improper ratio of Snow Foam to water, the mixture will be either too thick or too thin.
You should also keep in mind that not all Snow Foam products and lance nozzles are the same; test them out before spraying directly onto the car. Depending on the pressure washer used a smaller internal nozzle could be a big game changer.

Do I really need Snow Foam ?
Yes, if you're serious about your paintwork. Taking everything we've discussed so far into account, not applying Snow Foam considerably will increase your chances of scratching your paintwork by rubbing around dirt and pollutants.
Your vehicle can take a lot of penalties over time, especially if you have a habit of putting your foot down on occasion. It will be damaged by a variety of residues and determination, and a standard washing will not be enough.
The key to utilizing this solution is to limit the possibility of damage while also minimizing marks and scuffs.

What snow foam do you recommend?
When shopping for detailing products, it is critical to consider the pH levels. The pH simply measures how alkaline or acidic something is, with 0 being the most acidic and 14 being the most alkaline.
We are able to determine from this that pH 7 is neutral (in the middle). This is what we were referring to earlier; a caustic product can remove the wax from the paintwork.
You must strike a balance between what is required for your specific detail and what is not. By no means are alkaline items off-limits, but it is worth doing some research first.
Using this information we created a PH neutral Snow Foam solution which will work wonders and is safe for your paint work. 

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