• Is it possible to wash the inside of my car?

    Of course, we recommend washing the inside of your car, also called the interior, regularly. However, this is done in a different way than washing the outside of your car. It is not advisable to wash the inside with a lot of water and a pressure washer, of course! While the dashboard is full of sensitive electronics, you need to be more careful, and the upholstery should not be left wet for too long to avoid mildew. As a result, the use of interior cleaners is crucial to help with regular interior cleaning. There is a good interior cleaner in our range for every material.

  • How often should I clean the inside of my car?

    We recommend cleaning the dashboard and windshield every wash. The weekly interior cleaning includes vacuuming and removing loose debris.
    We often thoroughly clean the upholstery and headliner every three car washes. It is also possible to re-dress the plastic after you have done this.
    We recommend cleaning and conditioning at least once every six months. This way, the leather can remain supple and colorfast.